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How To Save Space At Home

Cómo ahorrar espacio en casa

For those who have tiny homes, knowing how to take advantage of space is essential. If we leave too many things in sight or we do not have where to store our belongings, this will look visually smaller and you will not find the tranquility you are looking for in your home. So here are some space-saving tricks at home that you should pay attention to.

Tips to save space at home

Furniture of double use

When it comes to saving space, you have to be practical. And a good way to be it is betting on furnitures that can take a lot of advantage and give them an extra function in addition to their main one. This is the case, for example, of benches, poufs, beds, etc. that can also be used for storage. So you know, before you buy them, think about whether you have the option to save inside them.

Extendable tables

How wonderful it is to eat with many friends! Of course, not all homes have enough meters to put an extra long dining table. Therefore, the best option is the extensible tables. For the day to day it will have the perfect measure for your house, and when you have guests you can extend it to eat all comfortably. Also, if the space is very small, you can bet on folding tables that you only use at specific times.

Take advantage of the stairwell

If you live in a duplex or villa and do not know where to store all those things that no longer fit you anywhere, the stairwell is a wonderful alternative. Do not waste those meters and create a storage area to save space. And when we say ladder, we also say any nooks and crannies in the house without taking advantage of it. Any corner is perfect for storage!

Closets in the hallway

If you have a wide hallway, why not take advantage of it? You can make built-in wardrobes along that will help you save a lot of space and, in addition, being built-in they will not visually load the area.

Sliding doors

Having sliding doors is great to save space. If you have small spaces it is a great alternative to be able to place furniture that, otherwise, would not fit or collide with the door when opened. In addition, they also help to connect spaces and create more unified environments.

Bunk beds to save space

In the room of the little ones, why put two parallel beds if we can opt for bunk beds or trundle beds? And even if only one child sleeps in the room, you can put a high bed and under it you can put a wardrobe or desk, so the child will have more meters to play comfortably.

Have you written down all the tricks we gave you? Let’s get to work!

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