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How To Save On Heating

Cómo ahorrar en calefacción

Now that the cold is coming, it’s time to turn on the heating. The days get shorter and the temperatures drop a lot so that our house becomes our refuge. And of course, spending so much time at home means an increase in the bill at the end of the month. How can you reduce it without saying goodbye to heat? How to save on heating? We’ll give you some tips!

6 tips to save on heating this winter

  • Close windows and doors tightly: The best thing to keep the temperature inside the house is that it is very well insulated. This means that we must have good enclosures. But, in addition to this, we have to pay close attention to the fact that everything is tightly closed. It seems obvious but many times we leave a small slit open (especially in the windows) where the heat escapes (or the cold enters). Always make sure you did it right.
  • Ventilates without excesses: It is essential (and now more than ever) that our home is well ventilated. Of course, do not misuse having the windows wide open. 10 minutes, preferably in the morning when the temperature is better, is enough.
  • Never cover radiators: Yes, we know that a radiator can tarnish the aesthetics of our spaces but covering it reduces its performance.
  • Take advantage of daylight hours: Let the sun enter through your windows to warm your home by removing curtains. Once the sun has fallen, do not wait until 12 o’clock to lower the blinds, the sooner you do it, the longer and better it will stay warm.
  • Bet on home automation and program heating: Home automation is the best ally to save energy at home, and therefore to save on heating. Having a system with which we can program the heating only when we are in our home or put it at the right temperature will help us a lot to comply with it.
  • Use textiles to create a warm atmosphere: Blankets, curtains and carpets are indispensable on colder days. Curtains help insulate from the cold coming through the windows, especially if they are thick. The same goes for carpets, they keep the heat and greatly prevent the cold of the floor from settling in the room. The blankets? It is something obvious but we advise you to bet on designs with very warm and quality fabrics (wool, feather, cashmere…).
Cómo ahorrar en calefacción CHG

And you, how many of these tricks did you know to save on heating? Do not hesitate and put them into practice in your day to day, you will see how you consume much less at the end of the month!

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