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What You Have To Take Into Account When Renting Out Your Property

Renting your home is a good way to monetize the investment you have made for it, in addition to many other things. But what should the owner take into account to take this step safely? We’ll tell you.

The keys to rent out your home safely

Find a trusted tenant

Un buen inquilino es aquel que cuA good tenant is one who meets the payment of the monthly payments, takes care of the property as if it were his/her own and does not generate problems with the neighbors. At first it can be difficult to make sure that the person to whom we are renting our property does all this but there are different ways to find out. The first and most fundamental is to know his/her economic solvency (to know that you can take care of the monthly payments). We can verify this through his/her employment contract or payrolls. To know even more about this person and make sure he/she will be a good tenant, we can ask for references to former landlords.

Sign a good contract and request financial guarantees

It is essential to sign a contract for both parties that specifies aspects such as the inventory of furniture of the property, the duration of the contract, as well as the conditions that determine both the owner and the tenant. This contract must also include prohibition clauses (whether pets are allowed or not, whether sublease is possible or not, etc.). As well as deciding and leaving in writing who will pay for supplies of water, electricity, etc. It is also important that payment guarantees are given, such as a month’s deposit or a bank guarantee.

Have the certificate of habitability

Before renting out a home it is important to check its condition and make sure you have the certificate of habitability that proves that it meets the necessary requirements to rent it out. This document will prevent the tenant from terminating the contract on grounds of uninhabitability.

Caring for the tenant

If the tenant is satisfied with the landlord’s treatment, he/she is much more likely to take better care of the house. How to do it? Adjust the price a little at a certain time so that the tenant does not look for a cheaper home, attend to the needs that may arise and put facilities when it comes to fixing small breakdowns of the house are some of the ways to take care of it.

These four points will help you rent out your property safely. And remember that whenever you have doubts, it is highly advisable to go to a professional.

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