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How To Move: Tips That You Can Use

Cómo hacer una mudanza

Are you going to move? If so, thinking about moving may be a bit of a hassle. Do not worry, with organization and good advice it will make you much more bearable. We give you some tips that will help you to change your house easier.

The tricks to make a move easier

Organize and plan

Before you start folding everything, get out the paper and pencil and plan how you are going to put it all. What you really need in another house and what not; which moving companies are most suitable for you, where to find a clean place, arrange dates in advance, agree on a price so that then there are no surprises…

Before storing, clean up

Many times we try to keep things that we don’t really use, or they don’t serve a specific function. So if you move house, it’s time to clean up everything you don’t use. What’s the point of overloading and having to pay the moving van more for things you don’t need?

Take advantage of the space of your furniture

Save on boxes and space by taking advantage of your furniture drawers to store some objects. We do not tell you to put the heaviest objects inside, store those pieces that are light but bulky. You will avoid using unnecessary boxes.

Cómo hacer una mudanza

Protect your belongings well and store them with a head

As we pointed out before, there are different ways of storing things. Just as you can use the furniture for storage, we´ll give you other tips to organize the rest of your belongings. First, don’t make too heavy boxes: for example, books are best kept in small boxes so that they are easier to handle. The second thing is that soft items, such as blankets or cushions, should be put in bags because you will make better use of the space and they will also serve to protect the most fragile objects if you place them strategically in the moving van. Finally, when you wrap your furniture in bubble wrap, be very careful not to stick the adhesive tape directly on it.

Use an area in your old house for storage

When you start packing up everything, you should reserve an area of your current home to place your packages neatly. You will avoid many headaches as well as the uncomfortable feeling of having everything “upside down”.

Cómo hacer una mudanza

If you take note of everything, you’ll see how to make a move which won’t cost you so much!

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