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How To Make A Travelogue

Cómo hacer un cuaderno de viaje

A journey is one of the most exciting things we can experience, wherever it may be. When we travel, we discover many new things, and not only cities or places, we also discover ourselves and our companions. We are more relaxed and we enjoy the moments much more. That’s why keeping the memories of these moments is one of the best things we can do to later rescue them and relive all the moments. For this reason, our company CHG encourages you to make your own travel notebook on each trip.

What exactly is a travelogue?

It is a diary that brings together traveler´s experiences during a trip. The traveler writes down in it the most outstanding anecdotes and experiences of his/her trip, in addition to including photos and memories that he or she liked of those days away from home, and drawings that inspire him or her.

Cómo hacer un cuaderno de viaje

What do you need to do it?

  • First of all, of course, a notebook. Not just anyone. It has to be one that you really like because it will be for a lifetime (and, if possible, of quality and with blank pages).
  • Pens and markers, since you will have to write down the adventures and anecdotes of your trip so that you will always remember them.
  • Coloured pencils or watercolours, any tool that you can use to draw.
  • Bar glue to stick the best photos and those memories in the form of train tickets, or tickets to some special places.
  • Scissors, if you need to cut out any photos.

Cómo hacer un cuaderno de viaje

The best tips for making your travelogue

  • The best thing is to take the notebook with you when you travel so that you can write everything down and then not forget anything (or, failing that, take a notebook and then clean it up and make it look nice). But if you don’t want to carry it with you, write it down right after you finish your trip (don’t leave it too long).
  • Leave areas of your notebook for writing and other areas for pasting your photos or mementos or for drawing (you can organize this before you leave to make it easier when you’re on the road).
  • Take an envelope with you (or make a pocket for your notebook) to keep and not spoil your memories such as the business card of that special restaurant or the plane tickets to that wonderful city.
  • Follow an order when you write it. To avoid chaos, it’s better to write everything down in chronological order.
  • Write from the heart. Don’t just write down what you’ve done every day, do it with heart and write down how you felt and how much fun or relaxation you had.
  • When you have it all written down, paste the photos you have printed into the gaps and decorate it to your liking.


Cuaderno de viaje

Have you seen how simple it is? You just have to propose and put your hands together with this diary that will accompany you all your life. You’ll see how grateful you are for doing it!

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