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The Importance Of Lighting In Decoration

Cómo iluminar cada estancia de forma correcta

We all know how important light is in our daily lives. Without a doubt, it is one of the things that most influences our mood and our health. Therefore, and also because a good decoration depends a lot on it, we are going to give you the tips you need to be right when it comes to including it at home. Take a note to know how to illuminate each room of your home with taste and with head.

How to light up every room correctly

Living room

The living room is usually the largest room in the house, so you will have to put more points of light in it. We recommend that you play with different luminaires in this room. It is good that you have general light (several points on the ceiling, either spotlights or halogens) as well as lamps at different heights to create environments. The light bulbs? It is essential that they give warm light that invites calm and projects a more cozy image of our living room.

Dining room

The dining room needs a ceiling lamp above the table. Depending on the style of this area and the size, you can choose between an elongated lamp (if you like modern decoration) or a more classic one. If the table is round or small, place a single lamp, and if it is very long, opt for two. The height? To create a cozy atmosphere the lamp should be hung about 70-75 cm from the table.

How to light up every room: The hall

In this room, being smaller, with two points of light it will be enough to give it a warm look. You will need a ceiling lamp to illuminate in a general way, and a standing or table lamp (above the console of the entrance, for example) to give it an even more cozy look. And, if you have moldings, another option is to replace the ceiling lamp with LED strips between the wall and the moldings.


In general, in the vast majority of rooms, you have to opt for warm lights that invite tranquility and well-being. In the kitchen, being a workplace, it is okay that we opt for cold white light. And what works best in this space are the ceiling lights or LED panels.


The bedroom is a place of rest, so the lighting should be accordingly. For that, choose bulbs with a temperature from 3000 ºk (yellow). Where to place them? On the sides of the bed at a low height, either table lamp or sconce, and also a general light spot on the ceiling in the center of the bedroom.


EThe bathroom has to have good lighting, especially in the sink area since it is where we perform tasks such as shaving or makeup that need precision. How to get the perfect lighting of this space? Combining light points on the ceiling and spotlights in the mirror that do not create shadows on the face.

If you follow our tips on how to illuminate each room, you will notice it a lot. Your corners will be more beautiful and you will feel more at ease. So you know, if you are planning to purchase any of our properties (if not we encourage you to do so) decorate it keeping the decoration in mind. The result will be spectacular!

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