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How To Keep The House Cool In Summer

Cómo mantener la casa fresca en verano

Our house is our refuge, so it is essential to feel comfortable in it (at any time and under any circumstances). And now that summer begins and with it the high temperatures, we need it to be a space free of heat. But how do we keep the house cool so that we can feel better in it? Yes, air conditioning is always an option, but it’s better if we can save energy. We’ll give you some tricks!

8 tricks to keep the house cool without using air conditioning

Lower the blinds

If there is one trick that never fails when it comes to keeping the house as cool as possible, it is to keep the sun out. This is achieved by lowering the blinds and thus darkening our home. Only with this we can lower the temperature by 6ºC.

Close the rooms

Just as you lower the blinds, you have to close the doors of those rooms that are not used to avoid that the freshness is distributed more and, therefore, the areas that interest you stay cooler.

Ventilate in the hours of less heat

During the hottest hours of the day, your house should remain closed so that it does not get even hotter. But when night comes (or the early hours of the morning) open the windows and also the doors of your house to ventilate and create drafts that will make your home cooler

Ventilar para mantener la casa fresca en verano

Use LED bulbs

Did you know that classic incandescent bulbs emit a lot of heat? If you are going to turn on the light, avoid using this type of bulb if you don’t want to suffer the consequences. What’s the best option? Replace them with LED-style or energy-saving ones.

Make changes in decoration

Incredible as it may seem, decorating can also do a lot to keep the house fresh. First you have to get rid of carpets. You also have to replace more winter fabrics with more summer ones. You can do this by changing the velvet cushion covers for linen ones. You can also keep the current sheets in the wardrobe and opt for cotton ones. And all this should be in light tones.

Turn on the extractor fan

When you are preparing something in the kitchen or taking a shower in the bathroom, turn on the extractor fan to draw the hot air out of these spaces. But once they are cool, don’t forget to turn off the extractor fan so that the cold air doesn’t escape.

Put solar films on the windows

You can put on the windows solar films that reflect light and heat. This way you can reduce this as well as save energy and, of course, money.

Wash and water the floors

The first is for the interiors and the second is for the outside. If you have a house with a garden, porch or terrace, we advise you to water the floor at night to refresh it. If not, you can do the same but with more care inside the house by scrubbing the floors with cold water also at dusk.

Cómo mantener la casa fresca en verano

And you, do you know any other tricks to keep the house cool?

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