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How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Cómo aumentar el valor de tu vivienda

Are you thinking of selling your home? Take note because there are several ways to raise the value of your property without having to make huge changes. We are going to tell you.

5 infallible tricks to raise the value of your home

Increase visual space

Houses that are too compartmentalized can create a feeling of overwhelm for those who visit and inhabit them. With this we do not recommend you to do a comprehensive reform, but we advise you to try to gain space either by pulling down a wall or eliminating furniture that separates rooms. You will make your home appear more spacious.

Cómo aumentar el valor de tu vivienda

Make it efficient

One of the things that are most rewarded when buying a home is that it is efficient since that will contribute to a lower maintenance expense. Improving energy efficiency will greatly increase its value. How to do it? If you don’t want to make a big investment, you can always opt for small gestures that add up big points. Installing water saving systems or “smart” systems for air conditioning or light are some of the options that will help you with this good change for your home and also for the planet.

Eficiencia energética

Improve the floor covering

The floors suffer a lot of wear over the years, so after a while they need maintenance, especially if they are made of wood. Simply with stabbing and varnishing you will get them to look like new, and we assure you that the impression of a house can change a lot with this detail.

Mejorar el suelo para aumentar el valor de tu vivienda

Paint the walls

Another way to increase the value of your home is to give it a coat of paint. It is not a great investment and the result is wonderful providing a more careful and new look. The colors? It is advisable to opt for neutral tones and, in case of doubt, always white. It is a color that most people like.

Pintar las paredes para aumentar el valor de tu vivienda

Fix the bathroom and kitchen

The kitchen and the bathroom are the critical points of a house. And while reforming them completely can be costly, there are many inexpensive alternatives to give them a “facelift” and make them look new. How? Painting on the tiles, bleaching the joints, placing a vinyl floor on the old pavement, changing the shower curtains… There are many ways to transform these rooms for very little.

Arreglar la cocina

Have you seen how you can increase the value of your home without having to do a big renovation or disbursing a big fortune? Take note of our advice because sometimes with little you can achieve much.

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