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How To Change The Owner Name On Your Electricity Bill

Cambiar titularidad del Recibo de la luz

When we use a house for the first time, we have to start utility contracts. One of them is the electricity bill. But how can you change the owner name on the bill? We’ll tell you step by step.

The step-by-step change of name of the electricity bill

The new owner should do the following:

  1. Contact the company with which the electricity supply is contracted.
  2. The company will ask you for the following information that you will have to provide (so we recommend that you have all the documentation at hand):
    – Data of the former owner
    – Personal data of the new owner
    – Universal Supply Point Code (CUPS). It is a set of 20-22 characters that identifies one of the access points to the Spanish electricity network. You can find it on any electricity bill (you can ask the previous owner).
    – Electric power (power of energy contracted at the time of the change)
    – Bank account number of the new owner
  3. Once the procedures are done, you just have to wait for the next billing with the new name.
Recibo de la luz

In which cases do you have to change the holder of the electricity bill?

  • Buying a home: the new owner must put the electricity bill in his name.
  • Renting out the house: the tenant takes over the electricity contract, not the landlord.
  • Separation or divorce: the person who keeps the property must appear as the owner.
  • Death of the owner: a direct relative must change the owner and put his name on the contract.
Titularidad del Recibo de la luz

Have you seen how simple it is to make owner name change on the electricity bill? If you have more questions about related topics, do not hesitate to take a look at our blog. We are sure you’ll find answers in it!

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