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Give the gift of experiences for Mother’s Day

Regalar experiencias por el Día de la Madre

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you still haven’t thought of a gift for her? A mother is a very special person in our lives, so we should give her something to match. And we have come up with the idea that this year you could give her a gift of experiences. These last few months have been difficult for everyone, so a gift like this will be more appreciated than ever. Here are some ideas!

Send her breakfast at home

Start her day off in the best possible way by sending her breakfast at home. There are many companies that do this that you can use. If not, you can also prepare it yourself. Croissants, juices, pastries, fruit? Make sure that from the moment she wakes up she has a day she won’t forget.

Mother’s Day Meal

Set up a nice table at home and prepare her favourite meal. She’ll love the fact that you’ve organised everything yourself, plus she’ll have a lot of fun sharing moments together. These family plans are undoubtedly the best.

Día de la Madre

Give her time for herself

How many times have you heard that “that’s the first time I’ve sat down all day”? Mothers are always there, on the front line, taking time out of nowhere for the people they love. So on a day like this they deserve all the time in the world for themselves. How about pampering them? A spa session, a beauty treatment, a wellness circuit? At Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel you have several options to do so.

Set up a home cinema

If your mum is a film lover, why not bring it home with you? Make a list of her favourite films and have them ready for when it’s time for the movie marathon. Bring along popcorn, wine and all those other things she loves to snack on. And if you want to make it even more special, rent a movie player to make her feel like she’s in a real movie theatre. She’ll love it!

A getaway of disconnection

We all miss travelling. And now that we can’t go far away, we can get that feeling of disconnection and get away from home by spending a weekend letting ourselves be pampered in a hotel with all the comforts. So, what if you give the gift of a getaway to Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel?

Regalar experiencias por el Día de la Madre

Have you seen how you don’t always have to resort to flowers? Do not hesitate and make sure this Mother’s Day 2021 is one she will never forget.

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