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Father’s Day Gifts

Regalos día del padre

There is very little left for this date so marked in the calendar. And although this year is extraordinary, we consider Father’s Day to be very special. That is why we propose that on this day you give your father something that he will always remember. And we do not talk about something material, we talk about experiences. We’ll tell you!

5 gifts for Father’s Day with heart

Photo álbum

Is there anything more special than giving memories? Get a nice album or notebook and fill it with all your photos. Write down dates, notes and anecdotes of the best moments. Without a doubt, it is something that always makes illusion and that is for life. In addition, you can leave some blank sheets so you can keep filling with memories for

Album de fotos

Special video

If you add videos and music to photos, tears are guaranteed. Of course, they will be tears of joy and emotion. And for this you do not need to be a specialist in audiovisual, there are many programs and applications such as Movie Maker or In Shot to make films in a very easy way, even for the beginners. This is a gift with a heart!

regalos día del padre

A plan with him

We have spent less time with our loved ones lately, so giving them time is one of the best gifts we can make. If you have the possibility to do so, dedicate a day to him complying with all the measures of safety: a walk on the beach, a picnic in the countryside and even a meal together via Zoom. Every minute together is a minute of happiness.

regalos día del padre

Take him on a getaway

Another thing that we’ve enjoyed the least the past year is travel. But little by little travels will return and we will be able to enjoy this type of experiences as we have done until very recently. How about taking him on first getaway when all this happens? Oliva Nova is a great option and a local hotel has special offers for accommodation and bonuses for other activities. Isn’t that wonderful? We assure you that with this gift you will not fail!

regalos día del padre

A day of disconnection

Another of the gifts for Father’s Day with which you will be successful is a day of disconnection. How? Inviting him to a spa session or a good massage or treatment that restores all the energy he needs. At Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Resort you have the possibility to do it.


Do you see that you don’t have to buy him a shirt like every year? With the experiences you always get it right and, in addition, you enjoy much more. Which one do you prefer?

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