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5 things to bear in mind in order to get the perfect house

Claves para encontrar la casa perfecta
You have finally decided to buy a property, but you do not know where to start. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, this is what normally happens. To buy a property is a matter for the head. Also a matter for the heart, but you have to consider different factors in order to find the perfect house before jumping into the pool. We tell you what to do.

The keys for finding the perfect house are:


View the house with someone else

It is always better to count on a second opinion when we visit our possible future property. Four eyes see more than two and, while we notice certain things, our companion might detect others that we have missed.

Check out the location

The location is a key to find out if the house is perfect. For this purpose, you must ask yourself if there are facilities nearby, if it is easily accessible, if it is a quiet area…

Think of it as an investment as well

It is important to find out the cost per square metre in the area where we want to buy the house and to be aware that in a few years this value might go up. Because, even if we live in the property, it is possible that we will have different needs in the future and we want to sell. Therefore, when buying, we have to consider if it is a good investment. 
Claves para conseguir la casa perfecta

Know the type of construction and its age

Knowing the above will help us to know the general state of the building and its installations. If it is new, in general, everything will be better than if it is old. If it is several years old, you should make sure that the appropriate revisions have taken place and a good maintenance has been carried out.

Know which services are available

Services are very important when it comes to choosing a property: parking, storage room, lift, communal leisure areas…
And, of course, that we find it niece. But we already take this for granted. Just like we take it for granted that CHG meets all the requirements to find the perfect house. Take a look at our developments and you will see that we are right.
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