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Decorative elements that are always present in the most stylish houses

Elementos deco básicos en una casa

The hallway

The hallway is the first place you see when entering the house, so a good decoration is essential. And while it is true that there are many deco elements that make it a special space, there are two that do not fail: the console and the mirror. Whether big or small, these two pieces are always right. The console because in addition to providing elegance is very practical to leave keys, coins, etc. And the mirror because it not only looks great aesthetically but also gives light, spaciousness and is perfect to take a look before leaving home.

Elementos deco básicos en el recibidor

Infallible decorative elements of the living room

The great protagonist of the living room is always the sofa, so a good choice is essential. If you don’t want to make a mistake, bet on white as it is the ideal base for any decorative style, it is timeless and perfectly matches with all kinds of colors. Other infallible elements? Lamps over the table. Through lighting we manage to create more welcoming atmosphere and this type of lamps, placed at different heights, help a lot to reproduce a warm atmosphere.

Elementos deco básicos en el salón

What does not fail in the dining room

When you have doubts when choosing a table, always opt for wood. It does not go out of fashion and brings a lot of warmth. What about the chairs? Comfort has to be your maximum so we recommend you opt for comfortable design with, at least, the soft seat. The neutral tones of these will help you not to make a mistake.


The basic decorative elements in the bedroom

If in the living room the sofa is the protagonist, in the bedroom there is no doubt that it is the bed. You must put the focus on it! How? First on the headboard: choose one that frames the bed and that is in neutral tones. The second thing to keep in mind are the bedspreads and sheets: with the white always right. The third thing are the cushions: put several of different colors, sizes and patterns. They’ll help you get a more palatable bed. And finally, to give it the special touch, add a plaid at the foot of the bed in one of the tones of your cushions.

Elementos deco básicos en habitación

And you, do you have any of these basic deco elements in your house?

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