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How to decorate your home and be happier thanks to chromotherapy

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The decoration of your home is not a simple matter. There are thousand methods and styles that surely make you not decide what outcome you want. But what you may not know is how decores can influence your mood. Today we´ll tell you! A few weeks ago we talked about Feng Shui and its benefits, now we are going to tell you what chromotherapy is and why it can make you happier.

Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is a discipline about how each color influences your mood. Though it has multiple applications in practice, one of the most common is interior decoration. From painting the walls of the rooms in your home to the decorative elements you use, everything can help make your home much more welcoming and positive.

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One color for each room


If you are a kitchen lover you will agree that this space is a sanctuary of creative activity where you can relax by unleashing your creativity. Well, you have to know that the best color you can use to decorate it is orange, which is the color of optimism!

In details such as stools, some containers or even on one of the walls this color will be ideal. Experts agree that this tone brings warmth, vitality and mental strength.

Another room where you can use orange is the play area for the children or any space for creative activity.

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This room is the place where you rest, relax and disconnect from the stress of the day. Therefore, one of the main requirements is that it gives you peace of mind and the most suitable color for it is green! The clearest tones will be the ideal for achieving peace, balance and harmony.

Another perfect application of green color is for the bathroom, as if there is something that transmits this color it is a great feeling of cleanliness.

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Study room

Yellow will be your best ally for these spaces. It helps to improve concentration and stimulate the brain, and not just that! It also repels sadness and depression.

Another benefit of this tone is that it gives a lot of luminosity, but watch out! If you overuse it, it can cause irritability.

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Living room

The large rooms are attractive when we mix tones, but if there is a color that we recommend for the living room it is definitely red. With correct measure and combined with other more neutral colors that lower its intensity, red is perfect for transmitting energy, strength and passion. Besides, it helps keep negativity away from your home.

But you must be very careful not to overdo it, as it can cause nervousness and anxiety.

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Childhood bedroom

In order to keep the little ones calm and comfortable in their room, the best color is blue. Why? It helps minimize stress, facilitates good sleep and relaxation.

It is one of the favorite colors of people when they decorate their home, but we do not recommend overusing it as you can make your home impersonal.

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Now when you’ve known what each color can do for you (and for your home), you just have to apply this knowledge. And we’re sure that this knowledge will work for you and make you happier!

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