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Would you like a couple getaway? We know where you have to go

couple getaway Oliva Nova

Any time is good to be in a couple and celebrate love. And one of the best ways to enjoy this is to make a getaway for two. When we travel together, we give each other some nice quality time. And what is the perfect place for it? Oliva Nova! We’re going to tell you why, but first we’re going to talk about the benefits of this type of escapades. Take note!

5 reasons to make a couple getaway

  • Travel in confidence: What better than to travel with your partner and feel yourself at ease and in confidence? No one better than her to understand and enjoy the experience even more.
  • You know more people: It is much easier to engage with other people or couples when traveling with your boyfriend or girlfriend than when you go with a larger group.
  • It is easier to agree: Deciding what plan to do or what to eat is much easier than when there are many people to decide with.
  • You live all kinds of moments: from the most fun to the most romantic.
  • You get out of the routine: it’s not the same after a day’s work at home as in an exclusive place making plans you love. The latter helps you rekindle the flame.

couple getaway

Oliva Nova is the best destination for a trip together

Why is it the best destination? Because you have a huge offer of plans to enjoy with your boyfriend / girlfriend:

  • It has a beach for those moments when you feel like relaxing with a good book or having a cocktail in front of the sea.
  • It has restaurants for all tastes. Mediterranean food, Italian… There are proposals of different kinds depending on what you want at every moment.
  • It has beautiful villages in the surroundings if you would like to take an excursion.
  • The weather can’t be more pleasant.
  • In Oliva Nova you can practice many sports such as golf, tennis or kitesurfing.
  • You can go horseback riding along the beach at sunset. Is there anything more romantic?
  • If you don’t like horseback riding, you can see how the most pro riders do it during the MET competitions.
  • You can take long walks on the seashore or on the nice streets.
  • Everything is beautiful and people are close. It’s a chute of energy!
  • It has spa areas where you can disconnect and relax.

Wonderful, isn’t it? Do not hesitate and escape with your partner to this great place. And if you don’t know where to stay, we´ll tell you: Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel, which has four stars and more than 200 rooms with views of the beach or the mountains, a lagoon-style swimming pool, a large green area and luxury facilities such as a Spa center and a fitness room. Come on, it is the ideal accommodation for lovers.

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