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How To Save At Home: The Tips You Need

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On November 17 the “Debt Free Day” is celebrated. Yes, there are days for everything. But does it not serve as a good excuse to make us aware of things that, perhaps, if they do not remind us, we leave them forgotten? Well, today is a perfect opportunity to think about how to save at home and, incidentally, be more relieved.

Well, here are the tips you need to put this into practice and help the household economy (and also take care of the environment).

8 Tips to Save at Home

Plan your expenses

First of all, before we get to work, we plan our expenses. Have you thought about how much money you lose a month? Don’t you understand how you can spend so much? Analyze your account and find out what your fixed expenses are and which you can avoid and which you can’t. Control gives us power (and a few more euros in our pocket).

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Do the shopping wisely

When it’s time to do the shopping do it smart. Don’t buy too many “just in case” or fill the pantry completely. It is one thing to be prevented and another to have to throw away what we buy because it expires. Before going to the supermarket, think about the weekly menu beforehand and make a list of your needs so as not to fail.

In addition, another trick to spend less when making the purchase is to opt for seasonal products because they are cheaper (up to 15%) and are also better for your health because they retain all their nutritional properties.

Use efficient light bulbs

Cheap most of the time is expensive. And between a normal bulb and an efficient one there is little difference in starting price. Once you use them at home, you will see how much you save at the end of the month (in addition to being eco friendly).

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Cold wash

90% of the energy consumed by a washing machine is to heat the water. So imagine how much energy and how much money you can save at home if you use cold water to wash your clothes.

Install flow reducers in faucets

Do you know all the amount of water we waste when we turn on the tap? Installing a reducing filter to the faucet is very easy. In any hardware store you can find one and you simply have to screw it to the tap. The tap water consumption will go from 15 to 8 liters per minute and the shower from 20 to 10 liters. Your pocket and the planet will thank you.

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Be careful when opening the doors of appliances

Do you know that every time we open the fridge we waste 7% of energy? And do you know that if we open the oven when the temperature is running it can go down to 50 degrees with the consequent expense that entails? So you know the doors closed unless it is strictly necessary.

Fill the washing machine and dishwasher when you use them

We know it can be lazy to fill them completely or you don’t want to wait another day to wash your clothes or dishes, but do you realize how much you can save in water and money if you do it this way?

Use textiles for insulation

Stepping on a marble floor or having a large glass window is something that gives us cold. The most natural solution would be to raise the heating a lot to have a warmer feeling but that consumes a lot. To try to avoid heating up as much as possible bet on playing with textiles. Carpets and curtains, for example, provide warmth.


And after that, you always have to keep in mind that the quality of materials and enclosures is essential to save at home. Although of that, you know you don’t have to worry about it because CHG already takes care of it.

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