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Cycling, the Sport That Has More And More Followers

Ciclismo | CHG

Every year new fashions are introduced. Some are better than others. But the truth is that for some time there has been a very healthy and fun trend. We’re talking about cycling, the sport that is now very popular among young and men over 40 and is full of benefits. We’ll tell you about these benefits!

Why do you have to practice cycling? Because of the health benefits

In addition to being a trend and one of the most entertaining sports and perfect for practicing it both alone and in a group, cycling has multiple benefits for our body and our mind:

  • Tones the muscles (especially those of the thighs)
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Helps improve blood flow (and also decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease)
  • Decreases the chance of cancer and diabetes
  • Good for bones by avoiding bone lesions and arthritis
  • Eliminates fat and helps you lose weight
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves joints
  • Promotes body balance and improves coordination
  • Reduces stress and makes us feel better
Ciclismo en Oliva Nova | CHG

Which is the best way to pedal? We give you the tips you need

Few people don’t know how to ride a bike. Without a doubt, it is a practice that we all learn as children and that we never forget. However, it is not the same to pedal for a while as to practice cycling well. So, if you want to practice this sport and do it properly, we’ll give you the advice you need to do more and better.

  • Don’t beat yourself up: Start at your own pace and work your way up. It’s no use spending a whole day forcing your body and then spending a tired week doing nothing. You should do at least 2-3 bike sessions a week (outdoors or in the gym).
  • Rest: This has something to do with the previous point. In order to perform better, you also need to rest, as this helps you assimilate the training and progress better.
  • Eat well before getting on your bike: To practice sport you have to be well fed. And carbohydrates (pasta, cereals, legumes…) will give you the energy you need for cycling. Do you also have to eat well when you finish? Yes, but you have to opt for proteins that help the muscles.
  • Set goals: Without goals it is much harder to go in the right direction. So set goals and stick to them until you get where you’re going.
Beneficios del ciclismo | CHG

Where to practice cycling? Oliva Nova, the perfect place for it

There are many routes and places to practice cycling, although not all have the best conditions. Oliva Nova does. Oliva Nova is an ideal area to get on the bike since it has mild temperatures throughout the year, making it a perfect environment for road cycling with little traffic. In addition, thanks to its strategic location between the sea and the mountains, Mountain Bike lovers can enjoy a virgin environment, with tracks, paths and incredible views.

But if this is not enough, if you do not have one of our CHG houses and just come to spend a few days with your bike, you should know that you have an exclusive garage for it at Oliva Nova Beach & Golf Hotel (a luxury that few hotels can offer). In addition, all cyclists can have a workshop with all kinds of tools where they can make the necessary repairs and adjustments, as well as a space to rent bicycles.

Ciclismo en Oliva Nova

And you, when are you going to ride a bike on the roads of Oliva Nova?

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