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A Wedding, A Christening Party, A Birthday… Tell Me What You Want To Celebrate And I’ll Tell You Where To Do It

celebraciones en Oliva Nova

The time has come for weddings, christenings and various celebrations. To remember all these moments, Oliva Nova has everything you need. You just have to tell us what you want to celebrate and we will tell you where to do it.

Celebrations in Oliva Nova go like this

Whatever the event, Oliva Nova has the perfect space to celebrate it. And now that the season of good weather and celebrations has arrived, it is time for you to start designing how you want that event you have been dreaming of for so long to be.


Weddings are events to remember for a lifetime and therefore it is best to have unique spaces. Being more crowded events, the key is to find large rooms and lounges where all the guests feel comfortable, relaxed and eager to enjoy to the fullest.

  • Gran Centelles: Within the Hotel facilities, this option has 4 independent rooms with audiovisual systems and Wi-Fi network. They have been recently renovated and are perfect for large weddings.
Gran Centelles
Gran Centelles
  • Ocean’s: With panoramic views of the equestrian center tracks, Ocean’s has the best facilities for lovers of horse riding and nature. Fully customizable to the taste of each client, this space is ideal for holding large banquets.

Christening Parties

Christening parties are usually simpler but very special events. That’s why the place cannot be less.

  • La Pérgola: The ideal thing on these dates is an outdoor space and La Pergola has the perfect facilities to enjoy a good time. Located in the garden areas and next to the Hotel pool, this space has a bioclimatic pergola with lateral enclosure for greater privacy.
La Pérgola
La Pérgola


The months of May and June are especially intended for communions. A very special celebration for the children.

  • Plaza Oliva: Next to the Hotel’s pool area, this space is ideal for designing events where the little ones are the main protagonists.
Plaza Oliva
Plaza Oliva

Birthdays and various celebrations

The celebrations in Oliva Nova are always more special. If you are looking to celebrate a birthday, a work dinner, a farewell, this is the perfect place for it.

  • Colombus: This restaurant, located in the main building of the Hotel, has the perfect facilities to celebrate special events surrounded by your loved ones.

But in addition to all these options, there are many more ways to enjoy celebrations in Oliva Nova. If you are interested, contact the Oliva Nova team and live a unique experience in a unique enclave with a privileged climate.

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