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Low cost decoration stores

Having a beautiful and cosy home doesn’t have to mean a huge outlay. There is a wide variety of low-cost decoration shops where you can find lots of furniture and homeware at affordable prices. So, if you are thinking of giving your home a makeover, take a look at the addresses below. 6 low cost […]

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How is a house priced? What you need to know

One of the key points when buying or selling a property is its valuation. This is a certificate which shows the estimated value of the property according to different characteristics such as location, age or distribution. How is a valuation done? In order to carry out an appraisal, it is necessary to use professionals (approved […]

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You’ve paid off your mortgage, now what?

After years and years of paying instalments, the time has finally come, you are going to pay the last instalment of your mortgage. But I’m sure you are wondering, what do I do now, what should I do once it’s finished? The truth is that you no longer have any debt with your financial entity, […]

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Give the gift of experiences for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you still haven’t thought of a gift for her? A mother is a very special person in our lives, so we should give her something to match. And we have come up with the idea that this year you could give her a gift of experiences. These […]

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How to set up your own home gym

Needs have changed and our home has recently become the epicentre of our lives. Many people have had to reinvent their home and give it other uses that it did not have until now, such as creating a workspace. Also, due to the current situation, we have had to adapt other activities that we used […]

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Garbage Rate: What Is It And How Does It Work?

What exactly is the garbage rate? This is the local amount that citizens pay in exchange for the collection and processing of garbage. As it is something local, the garbage rate is not the same for all municipalities, each locality has a different one. Types of garbage rates There are two types of garbage rates: […]

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