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The best ideas for decorating the hallway

Incredible as it may seem, the hallway is the great forgotten one of a house. And it is incredible because this is the visit card of our home, what is seen first and therefore the first impression that those who enter it have. And you know they say that first impressions are very important. So, […]

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What Is Green Mortgage?

Did you know that buying a home can help the environment? Yes, if we bet on sustainable housing. Well, if you think that the property you are going to acquire is efficient (or you want to build or renovate one with these characteristics) you can ask for a green mortgage. But what exactly is it? […]

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Water Sports, The Ideal Plan To Have Fun This Summer

When summer comes, being in the water becomes our favorite plan. And this year we’re more eager than ever to spend hours and hours soaking. But there are a lot of options to keep us from getting tired of this great plan. How? By making it really fun. And that’s where water sports come in. […]

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Why buy a second home

Are you thinking of buying a second home? Would you like to have a little house by the sea to escape to when you feel like it? This is without a doubt one of the things we dream of most in our lives. Well, if you’ve been thinking about taking this step, CHG encourages you […]

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How To Move: Tips That You Can Use

Are you going to move? If so, thinking about moving may be a bit of a hassle. Do not worry, with organization and good advice it will make you much more bearable. We give you some tips that will help you to change your house easier. The tricks to make a move easier Organize and […]

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How To Keep The House Cool In Summer

Our house is our refuge, so it is essential to feel comfortable in it (at any time and under any circumstances). And now that summer begins and with it the high temperatures, we need it to be a space free of heat. But how do we keep the house cool so that we can feel […]

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Your Summer Vacation In Oliva Nova

uncertainty, we finally return little by little to normality and with it we get closer to summer, a time when we are all a little more cheerful. For this reason and because you deserve a few days of rest and disconnection after this “different” time we have all lived, we encourage you to plan your […]

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How To Make A Travelogue

A journey is one of the most exciting things we can experience, wherever it may be. When we travel, we discover many new things, and not only cities or places, we also discover ourselves and our companions. We are more relaxed and we enjoy the moments much more. That’s why keeping the memories of these […]

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The best challenges to take up these weeks

Last two months we had more time to think about ourselves, our family, about what surrounded us, and about our future… And, although we are slowly starting to get back to normal life, we still have a few more weeks to do something useful for us. Let´s take advantage of the moment and set some […]

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