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New Year’s Purposes To Fulfill At Home

Cuando se acerAs the end of the year approaches, we usually review all the achievements we have made during the last twelve months, as well as those that are still pending. As the song of the Mecano group would say, we take stock of the good and the bad. And based on this we design […]

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The Influencers´ Christmas Tree

One of the things they are most excited about when these dates arrive is to get the house ready. Fill it with lights and decorations and, of course, put up the Christmas tree. The latter, without a doubt, is the finishing touch to the Christmas decoration, giving our home that warm and welcoming touch that […]

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The Best Christmas Plans In Oliva Nova And Its Surroundings

Christmas is here and it is time for reunions with family and friends, parties and a lot of love. But before getting to celebrate the best moments of the year, it is time to make a calendar with the Christmas plans that we can enjoy in Oliva Nova and its surroundings. Sign up and organize […]

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Christmas Table: The Deco Tricks With Which You Will Succeed

The streets have already been filled with lights and the Christmas carols have already become our soundtrack of the moment. The most magical time of the year has finally arrived. And that means that we have to think about the decoration of our house, the gifts and, of course, the Christmas table. Can you handle […]

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How To Change The Owner Name On Your Electricity Bill

When we use a house for the first time, we have to start utility contracts. One of them is the electricity bill. But how can you change the owner name on the bill? We’ll tell you step by step. The step-by-step change of name of the electricity bill The new owner should do the following: […]

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What are real estate taxes?

When carrying out an operation such as the purchase of a home or property, it is necessary to know the real estate taxes and the rates that exist. What exactly are real estate taxes? When buying (and selling) properties, certain tax liability fees must be paid. Those fees that are paid for these operations are […]

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The Most Common Mortgage Expenses

When requesting a mortgage there are many points to take into account. It is necessary to inquire about the mortgage rates that exist or to know the requirements that must be met, as well as the most common mortgage expenses. Today we are going to tell you about the latter. These are the most common […]

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Factors That Increase The Value Of A Home

Si If you are thinking about buying a home or have in mind selling yours, you should know what are the factors that increase the value of a property. In this way you can get a better idea of the price for which to acquire it or put it on sale. These are the characteristics […]

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