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Upgrade The House To Sell It Better

If you are thinking of selling (or renting out) your house or simply want to renew it in order to be able to take the previous steps in the future, this will interest you. We are going to tell you how you should do it to revalue your property. What to consider before refurbishment Before […]

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Teleworking near the sea

Times are changing. And the way of working too. More and more companies are implementing teleworking and that is, without a doubt, great news for those looking for a change in their place of residence. And it is that, in recent months we have been able to reflect a lot about our way of living […]

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Tips for creating a living room like in a decor magazine

¿Te apasiona el mundo de la decoración y te encantaría tener un salón de revista? Conseguirlo es más sencillo de lo que imaginas. Con unos simples trucos deco podrás darle un aire nuevo y muy estiloso a tu cuarto de estar. The sense of proportion One of the most important things when decorating is that […]

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6 deco tricks to give greater visual amplitude to your home

If you live in a small house or just want to gain visual amplitude, you have come to the right place. And it is that with a few small decorative tricks we can enlarge the spaces without adding more meters. Take note! Include mirrors If there is a resource par excellence when it comes to […]

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How To Save On Heating

Now that the cold is coming, it’s time to turn on the heating. The days get shorter and the temperatures drop a lot so that our house becomes our refuge. And of course, spending so much time at home means an increase in the bill at the end of the month. How can you reduce […]

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President Of The Condominium Community: All You Need To Know

When we buy a house or an apartment in a building, we enter the wonderful world of the neighborhood community. Yes, although they have tried to sell us on television and comedy shows that can be something at least catastrophic, the truth is that living on a farm has many benefits. But hey, we are […]

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The Best Destinations In The Valencian Community

The 9th of October is the Day of the Valencian Community, a special date for those of us who live here. Therefore, to celebrate this day, from the company CHG we want to recommend some of the best destinations to visit and enjoy our beloved land. 5 places in the Valencian Community that you will […]

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