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Apartment or house, what to choose?

Piso o casa, ¿qué es mejor?

Many people know what they want when they decide to invest in a property, but many can’t stop thinking about it because they don’t know which of the two options to choose. Apartment or individual house? If you have doubts, it is best to know the advantages of each one and, thus, choose what best suits your needs and preferences.

Apartment or house: the advantages of each one

The good things an apartment has

  • The apartments, in general, tend to be more economical both when buying them and when we have to maintain them (as they are smaller, the electricity cost is lower and therefore the price is better).
  • The apartments, being more protected and smaller, are easier to heat or cool (and also to clean).
  • They’re safer when it comes to preventing possible theft. It is generally more difficult to access a flat than a single-family house.
  • If you’re sociable, you’ll enjoy having neighbors and building close relationships that you otherwise couldn’t.

Why bet on a villa

  • Houses are more spacious than apartments. If you have a big family or you don’t like small spaces, you will feel much more comfortable in a villa.
  • They’re quieter and you have more privacy in them. You can turn the TV up so no one will complain (and you won’t have to be bothered by the neighbors’ fights).
  • If we choose an individual villa, we do not have to take care of the community fees that can be incurred in a building or block of flats.
  • They have their own garden, which is very nice as well as being great if we have small children or pets.

After getting to know the best of each property, we are sure you’ve cleared up a lot of doubts when it comes to choosing between an apartment or a house, haven’t you? Well, now it’s time to discover the properties that will become your home. Take a look at the proposals we have at CHG and contact us without obligation.

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