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New Year’s Purpose: A More Minimalist Life

Cómo llevar una vida más minimalista

January is the month of purposes. When a new year begins we do introspection and set ourselves different goals to achieve in the coming months. This 2021 we propose one that will give you calm and tranquility: lead a more minimalist life. And, as we’ve told you recently, the year 2020 has left us many lessons and one of them is that you can enjoy with less. We’ll tell you how!

4 gestures for a more minimalist life at home

Do you really think you need that much? Are you still keeping those receipts from ten years ago just in case? One of our greatest deco sins is to accumulate things as well as buy others that basically we are not going to give usefulness. And to feel comfortable in our home, as well as in life, simplicity helps a lot. We give you the tips that will help you live more in peace.

Throw away everything you don’t use

You have heard it many times and we know how difficult it is sometimes to get rid of objects that bring us memories or that we think will be useful in the future. To separate yourself from them is easier, you should ask yourself two questions: are they really necessary? I haven’t used them for more than 6 months? If your first answer is NO and the second is YES, you know what you have to do…

Como llevar una vida más minimalista

Buy less but of better quality

Sometimes we make the mistake of the more the better. Why buy countless things for their good price if then they don’t give good results and they fill our house with junk? Having less but better quality will help you feel better. We assure you.

Como llevar una vida más minimalista

Keep order at home

Order at home translates into order in your head and therefore more mental calm. Do not let laziness take over you and try to devote a few minutes a day to your home, you will see how you feel better.

Como llevar una vida más minimalista

Enjoy the little things

At home you can also enjoy a lot. Surely the year 2020 has shown you that there are multiple options for this. Enjoying the little things gives us happiness: decorating our home to our liking, a game of cards with the family, reading a good book in the sun on our terrace… What more could you ask for?


What do you think of these purposes to lead a more minimalist life in 2021? We are sure that they will give you moments of peace and tranquility.

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